Production to us at IMA Content is more than just planning and implementation it’s also our passion. Through our many years of experience in Sweden and internationally, we have refined our creative process and found the best ways to build a production in the most professional and efficient way that will help you elevate your team and create success for all. 
Working with our network of global partners IMA Content will create cost effective and creative solutions to make all your production needs successful.

In 2017 IMA Content produced the Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival. IMA Content designed a new logo, brand identity, marketing campaign and the opening film. IMA  Contents talented actors Angelika Roberts, Mikael Spreitz hosted the evening and Elise Rovinsky was a presenter alongside former Miss World Ann Sidney, Director Keith Sutliff. 


IMA Content, a modern Scandinavian talent management and production agency with an international roster of talents. IMA Content is represented by its talents in Stockholm, London, New York and Los Angeles. IMA Content is a member of the Talent Managers Association, TMA.

At IMA Content we will manage the careers of highly talented Actors,Directors, Writers, Authors and Storyboard Artists. We work closely with all our talent to achieve their goals whether it’s in feature films, television, commercials, or brand integrated content, through comprehensive consulting and marketing, creating economic value for their Careers. The rapidly changing Media Landscape is ripe for new Creative solutions, and our intent at IMA Content is to help find them and develop our clients ultimate brand identity.

*Our management clients do not pay any upfront fee for any service. We work strictly on a commission basis for our management clients.


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Questions / Work with us?
Interested in our talent, have questions or would like to work with us at IMA Content, please contact us.


*For professional Talents only! 
If you are seeking representation, the best way to contact us is through email at representation@imacontent.com with your resume and head shot attached.