malin barr

ACTress / model
Ht: 5’8″  //  Eyes: Blue  //  Hair: Blond // SAG-Eligible


Demo Reel

Barr is an award winning Swedish actress and dancer, who after her education in London, mostly have worked on the American market. Her credits include Network TV, Feature Film/Shorts, as well as Theatre and Musical Theatre, drama and comedy. She has a talent for language and speak Swedish, French and American/British. With experience in comedy and improv, Barr also wrote her first short film Hedda Needs Help, last year, which has so far gotten into around 10 festivals and won Best Film and been nominated for Best Comedy.


CBS, BULL / Co-Star ’Tanya Bryant’ / Dir. Doug Aarniokoski
OXYGEN, MY CRAZY LOVE / Principal ’Colette’ / Dir. Charlie Mysak
NBC, I’’D KILL FOR YOU / Principal ’Shannon’  / Dir. James H. Fitzgerald

FIRST LOVE-Feature / Supporting ’Malena’/ Dir. Michael Masarof/Dagmara Malinska
BEACHHOUSE / Supporting ’Hanna’ / Prod.Ben Barenholtz Dir. Jason Seitel,
LEGION OF GRADS– Short feature / Supporting ’Tilda’ / Dir. Kevin Duda, Writ. Robert Bastron
TWO FISH –Short (BSFF/BAFF) / Lead ‘Keira’ / Dir. Divina He/ DP Felix Felinsky
BEDBUGS AND CO. (CANNES/BAFF) / Supporting ’Sophie’ / Dir. Serena Dykman, NYU Thesis
THE LAST HUNDRED FEET / Lead ‘Louisa’ / Dir.Peter Pavlakis, Prod. Jennifer Sciarra and Duane Michaels
THE SOMNAMBULIST / Lead / Duane Michaels and Josiah Cuneo  
LILT / Lead ‘Becky’ /Dir. Josiah Cuneo
EINAR / Supporting ’Sveina’ / Dir. Kalen Eriksson/TriFilmPictures
THE BACKPACKER / Lead / Dir. Farand Pawlak, Dp.Vasilios Sfinarolakis CU
TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN / Supporting / Dir. /Writ. Blake Rice          
FLATBRIM / Supporting / Dir. /Writ.Thomas Bentley
DREAM / Supporting ‘Twin’ / Dir. Woonjae Park NYU Short
SUBURBAN FISHBOWL / Lead ‘Amanda’/  Zachary Walsky, SVA Thesis            
FROZEN ON BROADWAY / ’Spa Family’ / Kevin Duda/John Walton West
IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU / Lead ‘Dannie’ / John Beaulieu/Houston Street Prod.
METEOR CHILD / Lead /Alec Iselin, Pratt Uni Thesis

THE LEGEND OF YAUNA / Featured dancer/singer / Dir. Maija Garcia, BAM Fisher
ARABERLIN, Jalila Baccar / ‘Marianne’ / Dir. Rafael Mussa/Horizon Theatre Rep, NYTW
THE SHAKESPEARE PROJECT /Principal /Dir. Isaac Byrne, Theatre 4 the people
SOLUTIONS GRASSROOTS / Ensemble / Dir. Josh Fox, WOW Theatre Company

National diploma program in Musical Theatre and Acting / Laine Theatre Arts, London, UK
2 year Conservatory Musical Theatre/Acting for film (Sanford Meisner)    
New York Film Academy, NYC

Bob On Camera class/ workshop  -Bob Krakower, Andrew Stewart-Jones, Vance Barber, NYC    
UCB Improv  -Jonna Scrabis, UCB, NYC                                                            
Scott Freeman Scene Study Professional -Scott Freeman Studio , NYC
Stella Adler Masterclass Scene study -John Korkes, Stella Adler Studio,   NYC

VP Boyle, Maggie Reed, Brian O’Neil , Kevin Duda, Isaac Byrne,
Deidre Goodwin, Paul Warner, Richard Sabellico.

Languages: Swedish, English, French (Basic).
Accents: Scandinavian, Swedish, British, American, French, Russian, German
Professional dancer, Singer. Yoga, gymnastics, martial arts, Read music, Basic piano/guitar.