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American / Swedish Actress

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elise rovinsky

Rovinsky is a graduate of the Stella Alder Conservatory of Acting in NY. Before moving to New York City, she studied Drama at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden.  Most recent Film & TV work: ‘FBI’ (NBC), ‘Law & Order SVU (NBC), ‘New Amsterdam (NBC), ‘Gray Ground’ (recurring), Ari Aster’s ‘Midsommar’ (ADR voice actor), ‘How To Tell You’re A Douchebag’, which premiered at SUNDANCE, ‘Red Oaks’ (Amazon Studios), ‘Come Morning’, shot on location in Arkansas and premiering at the Austin Film Festival the same year, ‘The End of Something’, nominated for “Best Ensemble Cast” at the Bare Bones Film Festival and ‘Boyz of Summer’ which screened at numerous festivals. Core member of the New York based sketch comedy group THE SHORTS SHOW. 

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Ht: 5´4″  //  Hair: Brown  //  Eyes: Brown  //  SAG - AFTRA

FBI / Co-Star / Dir. Alex Chapple / CBS
Midsommar / ADR Voice Actor / Dir. Ari Aster / A24
New Amsterdam / Co-Star / Dir. Don Scardino / NBC
Law & Order SVU / Co-Star / Dir. Stephanie Marquhardt / NBC
Gray Ground / Recurring / Dir. Jess Dunn / NYLA Films
Red Oaks / Co-Star / Dir. Nisha Ganatra / Amazon Studios
A Crime to Remember / Principal / Dir. Elise Greven/ Discovery ID

Come Morning / Lead / Dir. Derrick Sims / Fabled Motion Pictures
How to Tell You’re a Douchebag / Dir. Tahir Jetter / Tahir Jetter Productions
The End of Something / Principal / Dir. Colin Rivera / Vintage Youth Productions
Terminal Legacy / Principal / Dir. Brian Kazmarck / Open Fire Films
Like a Hurricane / Lead / Dir. Nathan Crooker / Revelator Films
Person of Interest / Lead / Dir. Chris Ward
Hotel Chelsea / Principal / Dir. Jorge Valdes-Iga / Ichigo Ichie Films
Rest (Vila-Swedish Title) / Lead / Dir. Martin Crook / Kin Films
The Boyz of Summer / Principal / Dir. Anthony DiFonzo
Calico / Lead / Dir. Mersiha Bruncevic / Allvar Films
Dandi Lyon / Lead / Dir. Brian Kazmarck / Open Fire Films 
A Convenient Truth / Principal / Dir. Dominick Bagnato / Living Daylights Pictures
Carrol Park / Lead / Dir. Benjamin Orifici / Celluloid Rain Productions
The Reluctant Detective / Lead / Dir. Chris Lombardi / CL Productions

Women and War / Barbara Berry / Bleecker Street Theater (Off-Broadway)
Diamond in the Rough / Mrs. Black / The Zipper Theater (Off-Broadway)
Women and War / Barbara Berry / Bleecker Street Theater (Off-Broadway)
Tourist Trap / Various / The PIT (sketch comedy)
Diamond in The Rough / Mrs. Black / The Zipper Theater
Letters Home / Sylvia Plath / New Dramatists
The Tender Trap / Sylvia Crewes / The Spoon Theater
I am not I / Lisa / NY Fringe 2014
The Hot L Baltimore / Millie / 5th Floor Theater
Surprised Party / Kate / Carnival Girls Productions
Hedging / Betty Lou / LAByrinth Theater
Love’s Labour’s Lost / Princess / Adler Theater
Alva & Gunnar (Swedish Prod) / Alva Myrdal / Deutsches Haus Columbia 

Estroven / Lead Woman / National Commercial

ING NYC Marathon / Runner / NBC
A Crime to Remember / Narrator / Discovery ID
ShopRite / Shopper / Regional Commercial
PSA Al-Anon / Young Mom / Industrial Strength Prod.
Vivaldi in Venedig / American Narration / Richard Dindo / Swiss TV
Trailer Baby-Lillian Briggs Story / Main Narration / Lee Schiller / Always Another Way Prod.
Leftovers from the War  / Doctor / Helsinki National Museum

Nationwide Insurance Company / Small Business Owner / Nationwide HQ

Columbia Threadneedle / Financial Advisor / The Gate Worldwide
Therapy Session / Business Woman / Image Source
Cargo Raxx / Young Mom / Agency 9190
Estroven / Lead Woman / Estroven

The Stella Adler Conservatory of Acting, Graduate Program (NYC)

University of Gothenburg School of Drama (Sweden)

School for Film & Television: Scene Study & Continuing Scene Study (Jay Goldenberg)
Audition Technique (Joanna Merlin)
Film & TV Auditioning (Bill Hopkins)
On Camera Class: One on One Productions (Meghan Rafferty)

Languages (Swedish & English native speaker, Danish & German beginner), Dialects, Stage Combat (Rick Sordelet & J. Steven White), American & Swedish (EU) passports, Movement, Extensive Teleprompter experience

Since graduating from the Stella Adler Conservatory of Acting in NYC, I have done TV, film, commercial & print work as well as numerous theater productions. Most recent work on network television include FBI (CBS), NEW AMSTERDAM (NBC), LAW & ORDER (NBC) and RED OAKS (Amazon Studios).

I also do some work in Sweden and Europe. Being completely bilingual, thanks to having one parent of each (Swedish & American), I am great with accents and dialects as well.

I live in New York City at the moment but travel to Sweden when I can, to visit family and to work. 

– Elise Rovinsky


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