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david s. Lindgren

Lindgren was born and raised in southern Sweden by a Swedish mother and Albanian father. Today he speaks three languages ​​fluently, Swedish, English, Norwegian and is almost entirely fluent in Albanian as well. Lindgren realized early on that he loved acting and theater when he participated in many of the school’s plays as a youngster.

For 4 years after graduating from the trade program, Lindgren traveled around the world, starting with a year in Australia and then on to Norway, Brazil & Prague before returning to Sweden. Lindgren studied “Acting for film” at the Prague Film School in the Czech Republic. While at school, Lindgren was involved in a dozen short film projects, did VO work for video games, was the main model for commercials for Storm London and also played the role of a game Admin in the award-winning documentary “The Blue whale challenge.”
Lindgren has played very diverse roles lately. Chief among them the role as a Nazi leader in “Tunna Blå Linjen” (SVT) as well as “King Adolf Fredrik I in the new drama series “Drottningarna”(Cmore / Tv4).

Lindgren has also during the last two years played the lead role as: John Doe who is Dad / Psychopath and killer in the new feature film “Vanish Without A Trace” Directed By: Francesco Valentino.

Introduction & CLIP

Introduction in Swedish

Introduction in English

Demo Reel


Ht: 6´0″  //  Hair: Blond  //  Eyes: Blue  //  AGE RANGE: 25-35

Tunna blå linjen / Supporting / Dir. Micke Hansson / SVT
Drottningarna / Supportiong / Dir. Christian Arnet / Cmore / TV4
Vanish Without a trace / Lead / Dir. Francesco Valentino / Twister film production
Crossroads / Supporting / Dir. Margareta Pettersson
Tabula Rasa / Supporting / Dir. Viktor Skara
Don’t kill my dreams / Supporting / Dir. Ibrahim Faal
The blue whale challenge / Supporting / Dir. Slim Djamoussi

Day Z (Video game) – Zombie voice / Dir. Daniel Brown / Bohemia Interactive

Storm Watchen London / Lead / Dir. Kaushal Kshirsagar / Storm London

Prague film school

Nancy Bishop – (film acting technique)
Daniel Brown – (physical theatre)
Brian Caspe – (meisner technique)

Full time:
-Acting for Film -Prague Film School, Prague Czech Republic
Part time: 
– Acting technique for film, Ian Shvedoff, 

Languages: Swedish, native speaker and English

Martial arts (kickboxing, Thaiboxing, Karate).
Horseback riding
Weapons handling
Knife fighting


Since graduating from “The Prague Film School” I have mostly been working in television, film & commercials in Sweden. My most recent work for television is the Tunna Blå linjen (SVT) and Drottningarna (Cmore,TV4). 

I have some feature film projects coming up abroad that I am looking forward as well as some TV roles both in Sweden and in the US. I am a capable horseback rider and experienced stage fighter, after training karate for 5 years as well as Thai boxing for 2.

I master three languages ​​fluently (Swedish, English and Norwegian) and I’m proficient in American dialects as well.  I live and work in Sweden (Stockholm) at the moment. 

I have always loved cinema. And being able to live in another person’s life for a couple of months and tell their story is the most wonderful thing you can do in this life as an actor

– David S. Lindgren


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